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What size generator or inverter do I need?

Houghton air conditioners are warranted to run on mains power supply. However, we know many customers go ‘off grid’ with generators and battery / inverter set ups. We recommend that you discuss your power supply requirements with your local expert who is supplying the power system. They will be able to give advice that suits your application and overall power needs.

The following information will help them with correctly sizing your electrical system.

Of particular importance is the Compressor LRA (Locked Rotor Amperage). This is the best estimate for in-rush current that the compressor will demand each time it starts. The power supply system must be able to deliver both the maximum power demand and the instantaneous LRA.

230V/50Hz Models

Running current at rating conditions1 (A)
Power demand at rating conditions1 (W)
Max running current (A) - extreme conditions
Max power demand (W)
Compressor LRA (A)
H2800V NEW 4.8 1100 5.8 1300 NA 2 
H3600V NEW 6.4 1450 7.4 1700 NA 2
H3400 5.8 1350 7.0 1700 31.0
H2800 5.0 1150 6.3 1430 15.5
H2400 4.2 950 4.5 1040 17.5
T3500 5.6 1300 6.5 1500 24.5
H2400D 4.3 980 4.9 1120 17.5

1 Cooling mode at rating conditions Indoor 27 DB/19 WB°C, Outdoor 35°C

2 NA - Variable speed compressor does not have significant inrush current on start up

115V/60Hz Models

MOP3 (A)
MCA4 (A)
Outdoor fan (A)
Indoor fan (A)
Compressor RLA (A)
Compressor LRA (A)
A3501 25 15.75 1.7 1.3 10.2 51
A3800 / A3801 25 17.5 1.7 1.3 11.6 61
A3400 / A3401 25 14.5 0.8 0.6 10.5 58
A2801 20 12.5 1.0 0.6 8.75 56

3 MOP = Maximum over current protection. Defines breaker or fuse size
4 MCA = Minimum circuit amps. Defines minimum circuit wiring diameter.

My air conditioner is turning on (or off) at a similar time each day.

Whats going on?

Have you ever experienced your air conditioner starting up seemingly out of the blue, without any direct command from you? It can be perplexing and inconvenient, but fear not – there's a simple explanation and an easy fix.

In many cases, the culprit behind this seemingly mysterious behavior lies within the remote control itself. Accidentally setting a start timer on the remote can trigger the air conditioner to commence operation at unexpected times. However, there's no need to panic. We have a straightforward solution to get your AC back under your control.

Firstly, remove the batteries from your remote control. This step effectively resets the remote, clearing any programmed timers or commands inadvertently set. After a brief pause, reinsert the batteries into the remote. Now, it's time to regain command over your air conditioner. Send a new command to the AC unit, such as instructing it to turn on in fan mode.

By following these steps, you'll effectively clear any timers and restore normal operation to your air conditioner. 

My remote control doesn't work?

This can be a frustrating issue but remember that basic controls are accessible via the plenum touch pad if the remote is not working. Refer to the owner’s manual for details under ‘Plenum Operation’.

This problem could be caused by the remote control not sending a signal or the air conditioner not receiving a signal.

Things you can check:

1 – Are my batteries fresh?

Have a look at the remote-control display. Is it visible or faded? If not, then replace batteries and re-test.

2 – Is my remote control transmitting a signal?

One way to check if a signal is  transmitted from the remote  is to use your smart phone camera to look at the remote-control Infrared LED when you press a button.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones will detect the IR light emission. However, if you do see the LED light up then you know that the issue is not the remote . You can also try your smartphone out on a remote control that you know is working such as TV.

To trouble shoot problem with the receiver in the plenum will require expert help. Please contact your caravan dealer, the stockist you bought the unit from or leave us a message on our contact page.

My unit is flashing SC when it starts up?

This will be happening when a H3400A starts up and is looking to connect to the WiFi. When 'SC' is flashing the units is ready to pair with the WiFi router and the App.

No problem if you dont want want to connect, the unit can be used as normal with the remote. SC will stop flashing after 30 second.

Why is the inside fan running all the time in cooling mode?

In cooling mode, our inside fans run all the time. This is to make sure that we are measuring the room air temperature accurately and providing some air movement and mixing.

This will give you the best temperature control inside the van.

If you are finding the fan noise too high, then perhaps switch to a lower speed.

There are no settings that will change this fan behaviour.

My unit is showing ‘dF’ in heating mode. What does it mean?

dF’ on the display shows that the unit has entered a defrost cycle.

This is common when you are in heat mode and it’s getting cold outside. The outside coil is starting to pick up frost and ice. The micro controller detects this and temporarily interrupts  heating to defrost the outside coil. Once unfrozen the unit automatically returns to heating. 

dF’ is not a fault, its telling you that the unit is working to deliver you maximum effort. 

I have lost my installation / user manual.

You can download the manual for each model in the Products section.


How do I select the right Houghton air conditioner for my Caravan?

We suggest the following steps to select the appropriate unit for your application.

Step 1
If your caravan is a ‘Pop-Top’ type then roof load could be your critical factor. Select either of the lighter roof top units – for example H2400 (32kg) or possibly the larger capacity H2800 (35.5kg). Check with your caravan OEM as to the maximum permitted load on the roof. You may need to upgrade any gas struts that assist with roof lift.

Step 2
Do you need a ‘low profile’ unit to keep the overall height down to pass under obstructions like car port or garage entrance? This requirement possibly eliminates the T3500 model at 340mm high as an option. All other units (H2400, H2800 & H3400) are low profile – under 223mm high.

Step 3
General rule of thumb – longer caravans require a larger air conditioner to provide a comfortable living environment. Select the H2800V, H3600V, H3400 or T3500 if you have an interior length over 5m. Air conditioning loads will increase if you have additional skylights, windows or slide outs. If you intend to visit extreme climates, you may require even more air conditioning capacity.

Step 4
Make sure that your power supply can deliver the required power. If you are going to be using mains power supply – no problem. If you intend to supply power from a generator or battery fed inverter it is critical that you get solid advice or go straight for the variable speed compressor models -  H2800V or H3600V because of their soft-start characteristics. Talk with the generator or inverter vendors to make sure you will have a system that works in all conditions that you will experience.

This advice is general in nature. We would recommend that you discuss your specific needs with the caravan dealer. They have a good understanding of what works well for all their different caravan and motor home models.

My unit is showing a fault code. What do they mean?

Please refer to the user manual for your model. The fault code, Model number and serial number will be very helpful for the service technician to diagnose any issues you may have.

Can I run a 50hz unit on our 60Hz supply?

No, that will cause damage to compressor. The compressor is an induction motor that will suffer damage if not run at correct frequency.

What are the starting currents for your units?

Refer above to ‘What size generator do I need’ for information on starting and running currents.

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