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Houghton Leisure are delighted to announce the launch of two new product lines in March 2023

  • 240V AC Variable speed Inverter in two sizes - H3600V & H2800V  NEW
  • 48V DC Variable speed  in two sizes - Aeolus H3400 & H2800  NEW

Check out the GoRV review of these new inverter models at the bottom of the page 

There are three major families of units defined by the power supply voltage and frequency

  • 240V AC / 50 Hz,    
  • 115V AC / 60Hz   
  •  48V DC

In the 240V/50hz family there are seven models, six rooftop and one under-bunk model.

The 115V AC / 60Hz family has four models, all roof tops

The new 48V DC range has two roof top models